Monemvasia, Greece   <3

Μονεμβασια - Monemvasia: A small city in a castle. A real time travel.

Greece monemvasia

A gate to relaxation & the sea Walking inside the castle, Monemvasia Greece Art & Architecture Author: karyatida

Red and ochre in Monemvassia (Peloponnese), Greece // by S.R. Photos

Red and ochre in Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece

Monemvasia, Laconia, Greece

Monemvasia, Laconia, Greece--dear God, you have not forgotten me.

One of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece

Rock of Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece ✯ ωнιмѕу ѕαη∂у

Monemvasia ruins, Greece

Monemvasia ruins , Greece by Davide Manzoni

Stone pathway to Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece

Stone pathway to Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece---walked up these only to find out the top was closed

doorway to seaside eatery, Monemvasia, Greece

doorway to seaside eatery, Monemvasia, Greece---ate lunch here :)

Monemvasia, Greece

The rock of Monemvasia (Laconia, Peloponnese, Greece) The town's name derives from two Greek words, mone and emvasia, meaning "single entrance". Its Italian form is Malvasia.

Fortress of Monemvasia, Greece - Photo: Evlahos, Wikimedia Commons ►Photoset

Fortress of Monemvasia, Peloponnese Greece - Photo: Evlahos, Wikimedia Commons ►Photoset

Monemvasia is a town and a municipality in Laconia, Greece by Eleanna Kounoupa (Melissa), via Flickr

Ancient Passage, Monemvasai, Greece photo via. I love these photos of places that look like they lead you to some secret magical place. Magical or not, it's obviously beautiful.

Monemvasia, Greece

Night View under a full moon of Monemvasia, a middle-aged, Byzantine and Roman castle-state, Greece Take me home.

Monemvasia.... Feet in the water! "Amazing Greece"

Monemvasia, Laconia, Greece by Dimitra Papada

Μονεμβάσια ~ Monemvasia, Lakonia

Just sit and relax /Greece Giorgos Malamidis

Monemvasia, Grèce

Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece *** "The secrets of the moon are hidden in its light and in the darkness of the village glimmers its treasure." photo by TBoH

balcony in Monemvasia, Greece

Enjoy a life of ease in the Peloponnese

balcony in Monemvasia medieval town, Peloponnese