The Refugee Experience

Those who survived the genocide of 1914-23 were forcibly expelled from Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace (today's Turkey), their ancestral homelands, simply for being Greek, and Christian.
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Refugees from Smyrna in Ioanina, Greece
Refugees in Greece, 1922
Refugee children from Asia Minor in Greece
Refugees dressed in old American clothes in Greece, 1923
A group of Pontic Greek refugees at Corfu January 20 1923. Photo: Kentro MIkrasiatikon Spoudon.
Survivors of the massacre at Phocaea on the island of Mytilene a day after their arrival, 19 June 1914. Photo: Felix Sartiaux
Greek refugees
You could be easily mistaken in thinking this photo is from the deportation of Jews to a concentration camp. In fact it's a photo taken during the #GreekGenocide. It shows an old woman and 3 children peering out of a train carriage while a soldier lies on the roof above them. They are Christians, seeking urgent passage out of Turkey following the burning of Smyrna. Photo: Albert Kahn archive
Greek refugees