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Giorgio Stefanou

Giorgio Stefanou
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Crazy living rock is one of the weirdest creatures we've ever seen

Stranger than fiction. Pyura chilensis--the living rock. This animal looks just like a rock, but is a sea creature found off the coast of Chile and Peru. It is immobile, always born male, and secretes the rare mineral vanadium. Locals eat it in stews.

Yagli Gures: Η θεαματική Τούρκικη Πάλη.

So I've recently learned that Turkish Oil Wrestling is a legit sport, not only a legit sport, but the NATIONAL sport of Turkey So the b.

13 εικόνες από την κηδεία της Σιδηράς Κυρίας - ΚΟΣΜΟΣ - LiFO

In pictures: Baroness Thatcher's funeral

Χτίζοντας την Αθήνα

Dimitrios Harissiadis, Construction of the National Power Corporation employees’ building.

Σώτη Τριανταφύλλου

Σώτη Τριανταφύλλου


admit it.