Tzia (Kea)

Island which is 1.5hrs from Athens
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KEA GREECE - I want to walk up your donkey hills & goat paths to the Lion of Kea!

Villa Sykamia, Kea, Greece

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KEA (Tzia) / Kyklades, Greece

Panagia Kastriani church in Tzia

jacoline's small hotels in greece

Red Tractor Farm in Kea - Jacoline's Small Hotels in Greece

Tzia=Kea, Greece

South Aegean Islands is a community created by a group of people living or working on the islands of South Aegean, Greece. Our love for the islands pushed us to create this community that will.

Παναγία Καστριανή - Κέα

Tzia's landscape is actually so green that sometimes you forget you're in the Cyclades. Tzia used to be a brilliant ancient civilization and its major cities (Korissia, Ioulis and especially Karthea) left numerous remains you can still find today.

St Simon Church in Kea, Cyclades, Greece

St Simon Church in Kea, Cyclades, Greece

Aigis Suites Kea

Aigis Suites Kea