Lindos Castle, Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes Island was made into their fortified home by the Knights of Saint John, who waged a constant war , mostly at sea against the Turk. After a long siege they were finally forced to leave the island to the Turks on Ja

"City Gate".. Mandraki the harbor of Rhodes Island, Greece  (by tolis* via Flickr)

~ 'City Gate' Mandraki Harbour, Rhodes Island, Greece by Tolis ~

Greece. Rhodes. Main Gate to the Old Town  Each island in Greece is quite different from the others. They have their own distinct feel and look. The architecture on Rhodes was more complex than other islands.

Greece: Rhodes - Main gate to the old town, Rhodes, Greece. We came to Rhodes when I was 11 on a vacation with my cousins, aunts, and uncles. It was so much fun all of us travelling together.

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