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a man in sunglasses and a leather jacket is posing for a photo with his arms outstretched
ROBERT DOWNEY JR. - ph. by Norman Jean Roy Esquire // 2024
a man with glasses smiling and looking at the camera while sitting on a couch in front of a mirror
the man in glasses is making a funny face while holding his hand out to someone
Robert Downey Jr
a man sitting in a chair with headphones on and looking at his cell phone
a man is sitting on a motorcycle in the middle of a parking lot next to trucks
Robert Downey Jr
two men sitting on chairs in front of a projector screen, one with his arms up
Robert Downey Jr
an image of a man that is holding his arms up in the air and smiling
✰96th Annual Academy Awards✰
a person holding up a bottle of root beer
a man with tattoos on his arm and chest standing in front of a white background
Robert Downey Jr
the actor is holding his oscar for best supporting character in a motion movie or tv series