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Gregory Panagiotopoulos

Gregory Panagiotopoulos
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Corinth Canal.Hows that big boat being pooled by that little boat?

Corinth Canal in Greece is a very popular architectural attraction. It connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. This canal is carved down into the rock. It is around 4 miles long and is only 70 feet wide at the base.

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At times it is not the destination but the way one is exploring the region makes the difference. An untainted path or a different route creates a magic that one will never forget. Two Houseboat destinations in India are Kashmir and Kerala.

One of my favorite things about sailing is tying the knots, even though I need some practice

Tie your ship to the dock. Be ye knowing yer sailor's knots? If not, ye not be sailin' with me!

Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship...the Center for Wooden Boats - Classic by kelly_pnw

The Center for Wooden Boats Today was the opening day of boating season in Seattle. Rather than fight the crowds for the parade, I visited another boating location.

"If a man is to be obsessed by something, I suppose a boat is as good as anything, perhaps a bit better than most."    -E. B. White

Love, this photo. I love the ocean and sailboats. This storm in the background brings so many thoughts of how Gods delivers us from the storms of life.