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an image of a white cell on a blue background
two snails are sitting on top of each other's fingers and one snail is in the middle of the ring
a mini a day
Oh ChristBaby snails
two sea shells sitting next to each other on a white tableclothed surface, one is green and the other is purple
Purple & green
Purple & green by Here's Kate, via Flickr
a snail crawling on top of a green leaf
Vibrant green snail well camouflaged on a large leaf in the Borneo rain…
an aerial view of snow - covered mountains and circular rock formations in the foreground
Mathew Jonson+Dundov+Steffi+Carl Craig
a close up of a snail on a leaf
there is a hole in the rock that looks like it's made out of cement
beauty in the mundane
an image of red cabbage in the middle of it's cut up spiral pattern
Frame different high quality photos of veggies and fruits and put then in the kitchen. fibonacci in nature
two children are playing in the snow by the ocean with a spiral design on it
Snow labyrinth
an aerial view of a pink lake with a spiral shaped object in the water and land around it
Spiral Jetty Caretakers & Other Mixed Media - Artists of Utah's 15 Bytes
Robert Smithson's "Spiral Jetty"
an aerial view of the water and land with a spiral shaped object in it's center
Spiral Jetty and Great Salt Lake - EPOD
(UTAH) Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty. ~45 W/SW of Brigham City
people are walking on the sand near an artistic design
an aerial view of a circular object in the desert
Epic Sahara Desert Art Installation Still Exists After 17 Years And Is Visible From Google Earth
an aerial view of the water and land with a spiral drawn in it's sand