PRASSA | Kimolos , Greece. We love the idea of doing yoga on the beach here, awhhhhh we can already feel the sun <3

When looking for wonderful destinations for your summer vacation or romantic travels, the iconic islands of Cyclades in Greece are your number one option

Greece | Kimolos island 50 or 60 years ago

The photo was taken by Chrousaki, 50 or 60 years ago. Kimolos is an island in Aegean Sea in Greece.

Prassa beach! #Kimolos #Cyclades #VisitGreece #Travel #Vacation

Prassa beach! #Kimolos #Cyclades #VisitGreece #Travel #Vacation

Kimolos island Agora cocktail bar

Kimolos - a less known island of the cyclades group - Cyclades Islands

Kimolos, Prassa Beach, White Bay

by Spilios T