it is not what you look at...inspired stone

This Art Rocks Inspired Stone has a whimsical hand-drawn tree with the Henry David Thoreau quote" It is not what you look at that matters,.

Whatever you are, be a good one.

A famous quote from President Abraham Lincoln that reads "Whatever you are, be a good one" is printed on hand-stretched canvas and wrapped over a sustainably-harvested, FSC-certified wood frame. I may receive commissions from the links in this post.

Loving someone doesn't mean you always have to understand.only that you will always love them! YOU are so special to me! - I love you too.

Sometimes Disney is just so wise

Even children know how to treat others. Speak up Emma. Say what you need to say, whatever it may be up to and including goodbye. I'm not taking silence any longer. Not angry but i am resolved. If it takes direct messaging or more, i most certainly will.

greek quotes

Se agapw kai ego para poly kai Se thelo stin zoe mou an theleis Kai esu 💖.

greek quotes

I love the sound of rain against the window/roof when it is pouring. I find the sound of rain sooo soothing;