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Monica Denevan... says, I seek out quiet, remote places that have been relatively untouched by industrial development in order to photograph those whose culture and traditional way of life reflect a deep authenticity or bond with the past. I try to focus on the intangible spirit of a place that, for those who live there, represents their daily landscape.
Saatchi Online Artist: Markus Wachter; Digital, 2008, Photography "Way Out"
"My cup runneth over". How many of these photos can we take in 2016?? (remember to take a cup and camera!!)
20 Beautiful Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings
adidas Originals Stan Smith: White/Gum
Germany: Currywurst | Community Post: 20 Foods To Drunkenly Eat When You're Abroad In Berlin, you can’t throw a beer stein without hitting a Currywurst stand. The recipe is simple: wurst covered in ketchup, sprinkled in curry powder, and served with french fries drizzled in mayo. After drinking a barrel of fun in the biergarten, it’s the best wurst to curb der hunger.
The One Dish You Must Eat In Berlin via CNTraveler
Oreo Truffles now in a new, special Valentines day Edition :). Truffles in the shape of a heart, creamy inside, crispy on the outside!