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Whether you’re serious about increasing your speed so you can beat your record or to just feel comfortable on your next 6-miler, speed training is of utmost importance for improving your running performance. In today’s post, I’ll explain why speed work is important for runners and how to incorporate faster-paced training into your running program. I’ll also share with you the main speed work runs you need to add to your schedule to help take your running to the next level. The basic…

Looking to increase running endurance? Then you're in right place. This post will teach you all you need to know about building running endurance

Top 5 techniques to run your best half marathon - The Running Bug

Race week is finally upon us and all those months of training are about to be put to the ultimate test. Although the hard work is over, what you do in the final week can still make all the difference to a successful race.

Beginner's Marathon Training Schedule

Ready to start training for your first marathon? Here's the perfect marathon training schedule for beginners whose goal is to finish the race.