Psili Ammos beach in Samos

psili ammos beach in Marathocampos, Samos Island, North Aegean_ Greece

Ikaria, Greece. Birthplace of the god of wine Dionysus

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Stricken by cancer and given six months to live, a Greek man living in America moved back to his native island of Ikaria—where the cancer mysteriously disappeared. The tale became folklore on Ikaria,. Health News Summaries.

Υπάρχει Παράδεισος στη Γη; ΝΑΙ! Δείτε τον...

Seychelles Beach on Ikaria has been included on a list of the 10 most magical hidden beaches 'where you’ll find peace and perhaps just one or two other people', compiled by the UK's Stylist magazine.

Taverna Platanos Photo from Agios Dimitrios in Ikaria |

Photo of Taverna Platanos from Agios Dimitrios in Ikaria in Greece.

Ikaria, Greece - the homeland

Ikaria, Greece

DOWNSHIFT - Today, take a cue from Ikarians and make time for a nap. A 30 minute nap three times a week lowers chances of dying from heart disease by 35 percent. Short naps also increase productivity, elevate mood, sharpen memory, and relieve stress.

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