Just some time ago we started fixing a seriously injured electric bass. Then a guitar came along. After these tries, we created a body, just for fun, in order…
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an electric guitar neck with five heads and the words music portion on it's back
Xειροποίητες Κιθάρες | HandMade Guitars
Fresh f-hole!
an electric guitar with a wooden body and black fretters on the neck, sitting against a white background
Fresh f-hole!
an electric guitar laying on top of a table
F-hole. Another electroacoustic guitar by HMG crew. We have used iroko for the frame and wenge for the lids. in order to create a smi-hollow body. Neck is made of maple with rosewood on the freetboard. Just a Seymour Dunkan Jazz @ neck position & a roller tune-Omatic bridge with lock tuners and ew are done!
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BassMan by HMGuitars on Etsy
an electric guitar is shown against a black background with its neck and frets missing
Sculpture Bass.
a close up of an electric guitar on a wooden table with black knobs and strings
Tele f-hole!
a close up of a guitar neck on a white background
Tele f-hole neck, a fine walnut with vintage tuners!
an electric guitar with five knobs on it
Tele f-hole headstock!
an electric guitar made out of wood
Tele f-hole, wenge top and bottom, iroko frame, walnut neck and rosewood freetboard! SD Jazz@bridge position!
the poster for park festival, featuring an image of a guitar in front of a tree
To Σαββατοκύριακο 27-28 θα είμαστε κι εμείς εκτεθειμένοι στο PARK festival!
an advertisement for the greek luthis community featuring violin, fiddle and other musical instruments
Θα είμαστε κι εφέτος εκεί! Με νέα σχέδια!
three guitars are hanging on the wall
Both TeleTwin & Skull are ready for a testride @ARCO music store, Maragou 14 Glyfada,
a wooden guitar sitting on top of a stand
Teleman. Single solid piece from an African double coloured Walnut!