Rachel Platten-Better place(Cover by Butterfly)

I filmed my better place by Rachel Platten cover properly and as I promised here it is.

Ariana Grande-Santa tell me(Cover by Butterfly)

Cakes of all shapes and sizes (including cookies) have been part of festive holiday rituals long before Christmas. Ancient cooks prepared sweet baked goods to mark significant occasions.

Love myself-Hailee Steinfeld(cover by Butterfly)

It's been a while but I finally have my new camera and was able to film a new cover for you!Thank you so much for your patience and I hope you enj.

Ariana Grande-Into you(Cover by Butterfly)

I love the carefree vibes and happiness this song brings out.So here's my attempt to cover this awesome song by Ariana Grande!

Fast car-New romantics mashup (Cover by Butterfly)

This week instead of the music video of fast car I told you about in my last cover I decided to do a mashup of this song and New Romantics by Taylor Swift.

Chainsmokers-Roses-cover by Butterfly

I'm back with a new cover and this week I did Roses by Chainsmokers.I love it because it gives off such Coachella vibes!

Little Mix-Secret love song (Cover by Butterfly)

I decided doing something different this week so I did a live cover of a song I wanted to do for so long.I hope you like it and if you do,be sure to give i.

Hollow-Tori Kelly(Cover by Butterfly)

I like this song because it's a beautiful ballad but also powerful!

Little Mix-Black magic(cover by Butterfly)

I haven't uploaded in a while.I'm so sorry but stuff happened.Anyway I really hope you like my cover of that song.

Hailee Steinfeld-Love Myself Cover by Butterfly! by butterfly4ever on SoundCloud

Stream Megan Nicole-Summer Forever Cover by Butterfly by from desktop or your mobile device