Yiota Haralambopoulou

Yiota Haralambopoulou

Yiota Haralambopoulou
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Three female figures, ca. 1400–1300 b.c.; Late Helladic IIIA  Mycenaean

drawpaintprint: “ Three female figures, ca. Late Helladic IIIA Mycenaean Terracotta Metropolitan Museum of Art: “ Most of the clay figurines made on mainland Greece in the late.

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Jurgen Lehl Babaghuri teapots from Analogue life: Lightweight pottery molded from gourds and coconuts in shapes that are subtly altered by the firing process, making each item uniquely different from the others.

Akio Nukaga-  carved pitchers

Akio Nukaga- carved pitchers I like these pitchers because of the texture and how simple they look. I like that they are black and white because it helps show the contrast of the wider body and thinner neck.

Jun Kaneko

Ceramic artist Jun Kaneko glazes a head for a New York City Parks Public Art Program exhibition of his sculptures. Photo by Takashi Hatakeyama