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diy home sweet home: How to Clean Oven Glass - it seriously is that easy

Cleaning the glass oven door: Combine about cup of baking soda and enough water to make a slightly runny paste. Spread the mixture all over the glass and the door if needed. Wait for minutes, before wiping the paste from the oven door.

How To Extract a Splinter : Lifehacks from 100 Years Ago. ...  you mean I don't have to attack my own flesh with a sewing needle anymore?? Yeah!

How To Extract a Splinter : Lifehacks from 100 Years Ago. (I wonder if it works. Problem is I normally get a splinter at the tip of my finger where it's going to be hard to do this.

""Save Money! Never Have To Buy A Dryer Sheet AGAIN! Best part you can use the same ball of foil for 6 months.""

Aluminum Foil as Dryer Sheet! It will remove static . This is one of my best Budget Savvy tip – you do not need to spend one more cent on dryer sheets. All you have to do is take aluminum foil, ball it up, and place it in the dryer with wet clothes.

Blow into bag then seal it tightly - CO2 prevents the greens from getting soggy! How To Store Salad Greens Who knew??

How To Store Salad Greens so they keep longer: blow into the bag and seal it tightly. The carbon dioxide helps keep the greens fresh longer. Also works for herbs. Who knew? // Salad Tips