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A few words about a dream destination!

The 5 studios of Hara's houses have the family's names and for them this is their greek corner that they love and cherish.


The roof of one is the veranda of the next one above, connected and divided with steps and paths, giving a status of a multi-dimensional property.

Hara's houses! The coloured strata of the volcanic rock and the lava stone have been an inspiration for a complete restoration of an authentic cave house dug into the steep rocky terrain, accompanied by cubical and vaulted roof houses, all of typical Santorini architecture.

Santorini... Is there anywhere else in the world you would rather be?...

Hara's houses location at Imerovigli, at the edge of the caldera rim!

Hara's houses at Imerovigli, Santorini

Santorini, Imerovigli, Hara's houses

Hara's houses colours are inspired by the unique volcanic earth of Santorini.

Hara's houses are located at Imerovigli village, the highest caldera village of Santorini, offering unique views!