Rembetiko (Greek: Ρεμπέτικο) -- a 1983 film directed by Costas Ferris, with original music by Stavros Xarchakos. The film is based on the life of rebetiko singer Marika Ninou. It won the Silver Bear at the 34th Berlin International Film Festival in 1984.

Rembetiko (1983)

Rembetiko about a group of Rembetes, singers and musicians of the Greek equivalent to the blues, in the early decades of the century.

Rembetika club, Kypseli, Athens, Greece

Nightclubs, Bars and Theater in Kypseli


Markos Vamvakaris - Rembetika Master of Rembetika

A film, a book, a way of life....

A film, a book, a way of life....


Greek Blue, Blues