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"Je me disais que, tant qu'il y aurait des livres, le bonheur m'était garanti."

hermionetheshitoutofstudy: “How to Hermione the Shit out of Your Studying.(Some Hermione inspired study tips. “Hermione studies as hard as she does because she wants to.

beyond the stars and above all i sit waiting never to be seen again pixel scenery and pixel...

Relaxing Study Chill Mix Lofi Chill Hip Hop Part Another smooth mix to help you relax D Song List Ponder Long Nights Ponder Bring It Back 1 Culpeo Vice 1 GWiz Chill

Tóquio em 8 bits - A vida em Tóquio ilustrada por GIFs

Relaxing Study Playlist Lofi Chill Hip Hop Hour Mix Something to just let play in the background Song List Professor Khaos Morning Shadows 1 Professor Khaos Lester Pro