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a cross stitch pattern with the words, just because i am in the shape of a person does not mean i am one
an advertisement for michael goldberg's book, we should all know less about each other
handwriting written on paper with cursive writing and numbers in the upper left corner
an image of the female male name and gender symbol on a webpage or computer screen
a piece of paper that has the words talent and sleeping written on it in black ink
Thoughts, Sayings, Inspiration, It Hurts, We Heart It
a person with a cast on their arm has a spider embroidered on it's wrist
the doctor will see you now feelings, hope and dreams
What does the educational system do?
an old sweater with writing on it that says you can't arrest me i'm a rockstard
a label on a shirt that says follow me into the flower called nowhere
♱ ˖ ࣪ .
a sign that says careful or you'll end up in my novel open
ellis haley | a lesson in vengeance | ellis haley aesthetic | aesthetic
the words hello vodka, goodbye dignity written in black on a white wall