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a person holding a small yellow bag with various items inside it and on the other side
Alzheimer's blanket London, Fidget Quilt, Fidget Blanket, Occupational therapy, Dementia Blanket
a person is holding an item in front of a quilted table cloth with various items on it
Fidget Blanket for Alzheimer's Stroke or Autism as an - Etsy
Fidget blanket for Alzheimer's stroke or autism as an | Etsy
a close up of a piece of cloth with scissors and other items attached to it
Alzheimer's Blanket With Dog Fidget Quilt Fidget - Etsy
a quilt hanging on a clothes line in the grass
Das fünfte Nähtreffen
there are many different items on this quilt
Nesteldecke Nummer 7 und 8
Schäfchen Silvia: Nesteldecke Nummer 7 und 8
there is a felt peacock with pins in it
a close up of a toy board with magnets on it
an open book with felt flowers and buttons on the cover, sitting on a table
Spielzeug günstig gebraucht kaufen | eBay Kleinanzeigen ist jetzt Kleinanzeigen
Das Buch wurde von mir in aufwendiger Handarbeit hergestellt. Es hat 5 Seiten mit insgesammt 9...,Spiel Stoff Buch/ Quiet Book für Kinder ab 1 Jahr + Handmade, Neu in Hamburg - Hamburg Langenhorn
a patchwork quilt with various pieces of fabric and buttons on it's sides
there are many different pieces of clothing on the cutting board with scissors and sewing needles
a patchwork bag with flowers and other items on it
a table topped with lots of different items on top of a wooden table covered in fabric
Rauch Gertenbach Attorneys, in Mossel Bay, ordered six fidget quilts which were then donated to a local facility which takes care of patients that suffer from alzheimer's and dementia. These blankets are beneficial to those that have restless hands, in that they provide hours of sensory stimulation. Siena, Home-made Toys
Fidget Quilt