Ground orchids

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Glistening Sun-Orchid: Thelymitra lucida - by Macro Orchids Tasmania орхидея

Thelymitra lucida - Glistening Sun Orchid

Peter Brent found this orchid close to his property at Lonnavale, Tasmania. Note the glistening secretion.

Spider Orchid Care - A Guide to Keeping One Alive

white spider on white spider orchid

i thought this would be a little amusing to put up

Eastern Queen-of-Sheba Orchid: Thelymitra speciosa; Photo by Mary Hoffman; 2016 Winner Photo-of-the-Year - Western Australian Native Orchid Study and Conservation Group Beautiful Flowers, Flowers Australia, Australian Plants, Australian Flowers, Orchids, Unusual Flowers, Unusual Plants, Planting Flowers, Australian Native Flowers

Top Spots for Viewing Wildflowers in Australia's South West

Spring is on its way to Australia's South West, but some of the gorgeous wildflowers in the region have already begun to bloom. Photo of Queen of Sheeba found near Bremer Bay by Mary Hoffman.

Caladenia longicauda (Spider orchid) is a tuberous perennial orchid native to Western Australia. Lucky enough to be one of the few people in the world to see a Blood spider orchid!

how often do orchids bloom


Lemon-scented Sun-orchid: Thelymitra antennifera - From western Australia

Yellow Sun Orchids » The Orchids of Western Australia

Distinctive Gifts Mean Long Lasting Recollections Diuris Amplissima - Giant Donkey Orchid



Donkey Orchids at Yallingup Western Australia. by Leonie Mac Lean

Another Color-form of the Common Donkey-Orchid [Diuris] -

common donkey orchid

This year down south around boyup brook through to franklin cranbrook area we saw literally thousands of donkey orchids all of which had color variations, not of course having enough time to photograph them all. It has certainly been a good year for orchids of all sorts.

Leaping Spider-Orchid: Caladenia macrostylis - The Orchids of Western Australia

Spider Orchids » The Orchids of Western Australia

Thelymitra crinita is a species of orchid which is endemic to the south-west of Western Australia. It produces blue flowers between September and November (spring) in its native range

Blc. Mystic Lady `Lime Morning` Cattleya Alliance Orchid Plant [CAT041]*

Blc. Mystic Lady `Lime Morning` Cattleya Alliance Orchid Plant [CAT041]* by anytimeflower on

Tasmanian orchid the Caladenia Tonelli

Tasmanian threatened orchids

Tasmania has many native orchids, most of them are very small, but they're still very beautiful. More than 60 species of native orchids are under threat in Tasmania.

Found near Lonnavale, south of Hobart, Tasmania.

Thelymitra juncifolia - Large-spotted Sun Orchid

Found near Lonnavale, south of Hobart, Tasmania.