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a green carpet cleaner with the words most trusted carpet cleaner in front of it
Bissel Carpet Cleaner
Most trusted upholstery carpet cleaner. It has a powerful suction that will get the toughest stains out, including pet stains! It is lightweight making it easy to carry around your home. #ad
vanilla bean and amber cozy cashmeree seaside driftwood in a plastic package on a white background
Wax Melts
I am all about cozy vibes and beautiful fragrances in my home. These wax melts from Target are amazing and they have so many fragrances to choose from.
pink and white flowers are on an old paper with the word love written in cursive writing
Old World Vintage Hand Towels
Add a little old world charm to your kitchen or bathroom. I love the florals and colors in these towels and they look so unique!
an open window with white curtains in front of it and a beige curtain behind the window
Creamy Velvet Curtains on a Budget
I had been in search for affordable drapes with a velvet look for my bedroom. Many were either too expensive or too cheap looking. I have finally found THE best drapes on a budget. They look and feel luxurious and are so well made!
three bells hanging from a rope against a white background
Rustic Bells
This has to be one of my favorite things to add to my christmas decor. Vintage brass bells will never go out of style, so you can invest in some good ones now and they will last you forever!
a small pine tree in a woven basket
Tabletop Tree
A tabletop christmas tree is a new concept to me, but I love the way it looks on a kitchen counter, sitting on a chair, or as a centerpiece for your table.
a roll of brown ribbon sitting on top of a white table
Velvet Ribbon
This velvet ribbon in copper rust color is just lovely! Add this ribbon to your christmas decor for a little old world charm :)
two cups filled with liquid sitting on top of a counter
Glass Coffee Mugs
I LOVE these glass coffee mugs. Such a great look and feel to them. You can use them for iced or hot beverages. I especially love serving iced coffees to my guests using these in the summer. But with winter around the corner, hot cocoa anyone?
a potted plant sitting on top of a kitchen counter next to a stovetop
Rustic Brown Vase
What a stunning vase this is. The color is magnificent and the size and weight of it is surprising at it's price point. It definitely looks and feels more expensive!
an oil painting of white flowers in a glass vase on a wall with a gold frame
Framed Wall Canvas
I love the moody tones and deep blue in this artwork, and the frame is the perfect gold tone. This was a perfect addition to my bedside table. I have it leaning against the wall.
Terra Cotta Pitcher White Wash Bed, Anthropologie Decor, Terra Cotta Pottery, Kids Outdoor Furniture, Above Cabinets, White Wash Finish, Cleaning Curtains, Classic Farmhouse, Farmhouse Charm
Terra Cotta Pitcher
I absolutely love this decorative pitcher made of terra cotta. It is absolutely gorgeous and its size really helps make a statement in any space.