Outlander series an addictive time travelling love story
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three ships are sailing in the ocean at sunset
Outlander Season 3: Voyager Will Bring A New Beginning - Timeless Sass3nach Journeys™
Sass3 wanted to send our appreciation and heartfelt welcome to the newest members of the Outlander team who will play pivotal roles in the series - Gary Young, John Bell, and David Berry. Come read our blog that discusses highlights of these characters and what we look forward to the most. Ready? Let's go!
a woman standing in front of an archway with her hand on her face and another person looking at her
One of the most involving and exquisitely painful scenes in the series thus far...
a woman in a long dress standing on top of a grass covered field next to a camera
Outlander: Take a look at the best behind the scenes images from Season 2
Outlander: Take a look at the best behind the scenes images from Season 2 - THESE stunning images by members of the Outlander production team reveal just how the magic of 18th century Paris have been created in Season 2.
a person laying on the ground with an umbrella over their head and other people standing around
Outlander: Check out these stunning behind the scenes pictures from the show
THE show's producers, cast members and crew have provided a number of behind the scenes pictures to keep fans updated with the goings-on in Outlander.
the poster for outlander season 1, part 2 with an image of a golden crown
Outlander season two
the castle is surrounded by lush green trees and bushes, with an inscription over it that reads castle leod seat of the clan makenzie
Scotland - Castle Leod, inspiration for Castle Leoch in Outlander series :-)
an empty street with benches and buildings in the background
Inverness, Scotland, where the Print Shop was and the site of one of my favourite scenes from the books. #outlander
an old stone house with grass growing on it's roof
Leanach Farmhouse in Scotland
This is Leanach Farmhouse in Culloden Moor, Scotland. At almost 300 years old its wonderful history is told by the stones, clay and oak that have kept it standing for so many centuries. Built between 1721 and 1730 and completely restored by the National Trust in 1960.
a man riding on the back of a black horse
the history of clocks and their functions in time travel infographical poster with information
Revolutionary War Timeline - Events of The American Revolution
Revolutionary War Timeline – Events of The American Revolution
the sun is setting behind some very large rocks in an open field with green grass
A Meeting of Worlds
Craig Na Dun... The door that leads to Jamie
purple flowers in the middle of a field with a burluck bag on it
Go-to Grateful
Over 5 million acres of Scotland are carpeted in heather, which blooms twice a year.