A girly pool #pink <3

The WET Deck - Saturday and Sunday, the Los Angeles hotel pumps up the energy with a lively pool party.

woww....how pretty ^_^ <3

To make your won cork board ideas is easy. In this article, you can make diy cork board for your home and corkboard for your home office

#Beautiful ^_^ <3

College Dorm Idea: I want this quote simply because this explains life and the book it's from is great - also the pictures around the top of the room


this is so me the thousands of pictures, the beanie, Vans sweatshirt!

Nicee :'D <3

Color rug and outdoor lamp. I love the idea of a bunch of pots and plants, and an outdoor bed/lounge of some sort with a bunch of blankets and contrasting throw pillows!


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A thousand books...A thousand different lives <3

I'd never sleep in a room full of books.but could I read in a room with a bed in it?

#girly ;)

Bella -------------love the big desk chair.and its a big desk that doubles as a work space and a make-up space with mirror behind

a british room :* <3

A small reading nook for me with a bookcase and a ton of pillows and a curtain so I don't bother people with my light.