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Let it go by on @DeviantArt |  The Boy & The Wolf - Z Pico ; webcomic Available on: Tapastic (mobile app) Artist: Z Pico  Insta: @z.pico  Facebook Tumblr - Boys love / yaoi / manga / mangaka / anime / art / digital / shonen ai / the Boy and the wolf

How dare you think about Frozen ! slfksrfnqmjflqknvlkqrfe Just kidding x) I was inpired by a cover of Let it go, by James Bay &n.

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I actually like Zen's ponytail. I only really like long hair on anime-styled guys, not irl, and Zen looks good with it, so.

And Markiplier

That one person who can make you laugh on your worst days. Can make you remember you are worth it. And to help remember you are perfect just the way you are. That person is jacksepticeye.