Zucchini and #feta tart with roasted cherry #tomatoes

Australian Gourmet Traveller lunch entree recipe for zucchini and feta tart with roasted cherry tomatoes : Gourmet Traveller Magazine Mobile

Vassilopita cake - Greek traditional New Year's Cake

Amateur Cook Professional Eater - Greek recipes cooked again and again: Classic Vassilopita cake - Greek traditional New Year's Cake

Greek #Bread, Kefalotyri #Cheese & Pomodoro Tomatoes

Snack-Greek Village Bread, Kefalotyri Cheese & Pomodoro Tomatoes & some olive oil

Greek #pita, souvlaki with #meat and tzatziki

Food of the Gods! [Via Little Miss Contrary's Culinary Adventures: Travelogue to Greece, Part I: Athens]

Six amazing health benefits of chilli peppers with honey

Vasilissa Wildforest Honey with red chili peppers is great to have in the kitchen as a treat or to use in marinades, dips, salad dressing.

Greek essentials: virgin #oil, onion, garlic

Good shareable picture taken on my birthday party just last night.