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12 Teeny Tiny Puppies You Must See Now! #animals #pet. Unconditional love:

12 Teeny Tiny Puppies You Must See Now!

Last night I told him how I want a teacup puppy! Either a yorkie or a maltipoo. He wants a regular sized dog cuz he thinks these tiny ones look like rats…. But the tiny ones are so cute!

“Did someone say… close-up?” | 17 Ridiculously Photogenic Animals

funny-gif-dog-smile-camera-photo - omg cutest thing ever! Luna used to smile all the time.

15 Cats Who Might Not Know They Are Cats

Kawaii-cute pic of kitten. The sweater for a kitten is a good idea. When we fostered-it was winter and one kitten had a shorter coat-he was always cold and getting sick-so we got him a sweater-and it worked, his ears were warm, and he got better.

Hand-knit wool scarves for fashion-forward dogs from UK company Love My Dog.

Hypo-Allergenic Dog Collars, Leashes and Harnesses by Ferplast (Dog Milk)

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