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Photo: Charles E. Wakeford 1935

Charles E Wakeford - April showers, circa 1935 Rain will always come, just use your umbrella and keep you eyes to the horizon for a brighter day

Photography: We photographers will do anything for a shot.  I love it! There is no credit on this photo, it looks like me to be honest, LOL, seriously, does anyone know where this one is from?

"Dancers Among Us" project by Jordan Matter Photography. Some of these photos are surreal. But so amazing, the stories are written all over them. People should always communicate in dance.

I find this creepy and cool at the same time.

This photo represents value. In this photo you can see the highlights where the sun is shining on her and the shadows where it doesn't. The darker areas show more depth than the highlighted ones. (photo by Sarah Loven ) Idea of using shadows