ilias vafeiadis

ilias vafeiadis
Eleusina, Greece / Composer, Musician, Artist, Mathematician, Dreamer, Fool...
ilias vafeiadis
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The TRIANGLE shares the symbolic significance of the number 3 It therefore represents, many things that come in groups of 3 From the holy trinity, to the triple aspect of the goddess In ancient ti.

simple circle tattoo

Circle by Yoko Sakao Ohama is a simple, geometric Tattly. Wear them as is or use them in some creative hacks!

wie cool - genau mein afrikasymbol; alles, in mir + rundherum gott zu übergeben, nichts mehr zurück zu halten; mein alles für ihn! außerdem: fokus! Und wie ich es immer male (direkt am Handgelenk + kleiner): Verbindung zur Einschlagstelle seiner Nägel.. ♥

Simple circle for a friendship tattoo, except brake it to make a n infinity symbol that each other share. then make the circles each others fav. and brush them into each others tat

We all need a place to keep our bits and bobs, so a good storage unit, like this bepoke one that can be accessed from all sides, is vital to keep your living room clutter-free.

This undated photo shows the creation of a DIY bookshelf with multiple pipes attached to the flanges on the three levels of a book shelf. Industrial-style shelving units and tables made from planks of wood and plumbing parts are gorgeous and trendy, and c