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How to turn dark jeans into pastel ones... I dont even want to pin this because it will tell everyone my secret! Doing this asap!
Easy cute ponytail, I can actually do this
7 Best Matte Nail Designs
Matte polish. Put a bit of gloss top coat (or a color?) on a surface, and apply dripping design with a straightened bobby pin.
Summer nails.
How creative & pretty!
Potion bottles: Pour distilled water and glycerin into the bottle at a ratio of 1:1  Add glitter, sequins, etc  Close the bottle  Wrap your ribbon, tulle, lace or twine around the bottle neck  Give your bottle a little shake and watch it sparkle!
free pattern DIY how to make a crochet skirt dress
Handmade lace-tambourine favors welcome wedding guests on the sweetest note. #DIY
very pretty pomander