Tom Sawyer

Notes on project, working on "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"
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an open book with the title to say yes written in green and white on it
Slipcase* lot research slipcase - vivlio | ello
The Slipcase* A lot of research has been done on different slipcase production methods and materials so in a sudden turn...
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a desk
// closer version Reading inter - vivlio | ello
// Getting closer to our first version of Reading and an interesting take on TOC and Navigation.
a book with the title tom saw yeer written in green ink on white paper
// Mockup hard-cover edition. h - vivlio | ello
// Mockup of hard-cover edition. I hope I will see this in real sometime soon.
an iphone screen with instructions on how to use it
// Quick navigation drop readin - vivlio | ello
// Quick navigation drop down while reading lets the user jump on various anchor points inside the text as well as qu...
a black and white resume is shown with the words'tom sawter'on it
// Sketch archives. Character c - vivlio | ello
// Sketch from the archives. Character cards and timelines
an open book with black and white text on the page, in front of it
// closer reading state Navigat - vivlio | ello
// Getting closer to our reading state with Navigation bar on top (as minimal as it can be) and text highlights (of a...
three iphones are shown with the same page on each screen, and one is open to
// depth reading experience mob - vivlio | ello
// Getting more in depth of reading as an experience on mobile platforms and smaller screens than the desktop.
four oval frames with different types of hair in them, vintage line drawing or engraving illustration
// Super Details super details - vivlio | ello
Source: @hellopanos // Super Details
an image of a website page with many different images
// Chapter outline navigation i - vivlio | ello
// Chapter outline as navigation including original illustrations, Chapter No, Scene names and anchor points.
four different pages with images and text on them
Ello | The Creators Network.
// Notes on exploring the illustrations on web browsers, while reading the book.
a diagram showing the location of two different types of web pages, including one with an image on it
// Notes main Book modes: Readi - vivlio | ello
// Notes on the three main Book modes: Reading / Exploring / Navigation.
a drawing of a man with curly hair wearing a suit and tie, looking off to the side
Mark Twain (1909) Samuel Clemen - vivlio | ello
Mark Twain (1909) Samuel L. Clemens stamp, 1940 Samuel Langhorne Clemens (November 30, ...
an image of different shapes and sizes
// process designing magic butt - vivlio | ello
// So, we are in the process of designing a magic button that will be the one and only handle for seeing the extra co...
the text is written in black and white
// highlighting text elements - vivlio | ello
// On highlighting different text elements
the diagram shows different types of papers and instructions for each type of paper, including two sheets
// Wireframing web environment - vivlio | ello
// Wireframing the web environment (Reading & Exploring the book)
two black and white drawings of women facing each other, one with glasses on her head
// 10' sketch iPad. Aunt origin - vivlio | ello
// Just a 10' sketch on the iPad. with Aunt Poly's original illustration as the base. Obviously this needs a lot more...
the words are written in black and white with an image of a snake on it
// studying original illustrati - vivlio | ello
// On studying the original illustrations from "The adventures of Tom Sawyer", one can easily divide them into three ...
an image of many different types of people in black and white circles on a white background
// Illustrations navigation (Pa - vivlio | ello
// Illustrations as navigation (Part II). Using the book illustrations as some kind of navigation through the b...
three iphones with different illustrations on them
// Mobile (responsive) version - vivlio | ello
// Mobile (responsive) version of "Illustrations as navigation" (see also ...
the back side of a paper with instructions for how to write an invoice
// Vertical Timeline book chapt - vivlio | ello
// Vertical Timeline per book chapter. Interactive element working as main book navigation.
the adventures of tom sawer by mark twain, illustrated in green ink on white paper
// Concept sketch design cover - vivlio | ello
// Concept sketch on design of the new cover for Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. The idea of custom brush typography ...
an old man's head and neck in different poses, with the words on each side
// idea -physical digital- card - vivlio | ello
// Just an idea for a -physical or digital- card game with the characters from Tom Sawyer.
three different types of people and their jobs
// original illustrations encod - vivlio | ello
// Using the original illustrations along with the encoded Characters and Objects from each scene / chapter, we can s...
an old black and white drawing of people with hats on their heads, all in different poses
// Tom characters extracted cle - hellopanos | ello
Source: @vivlio // All Tom Sawyer's characters as extracted (and cleaned up) from original illustrations.
Source: @vivlio     // Following the previous post on Tom Sawyer's objec... Post
// previous post Tom objects, f - hellopanos | ello
Source: @vivlio // Following the previous post on Tom Sawyer's objec...