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give me back my girlhood; chandrila

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Laura Biagiotti at Milan Fall 2018 (Details)

you miss the knife at your throat; senator

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for too long i've watched the heavy hand of the empire; the breaking

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many bothans died to bring us this information; rebel

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we rule [...] by inspiration and leadership; chancellor

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with grace and guts - thegreatinthesmall: Otto Künzli (Ring für zwei...

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a woman wearing a white coat and holding a small animal in her right hand with both hands
an abstract cityscape with lots of lights in the dark
Zachary Johnson
Laura Biagiotti at Milan Fall 2018 (Details) Haute Couture, Jet Stream, Color Aesthetic, Beige Outfit, Laura Biagiotti, Milan Fashion Weeks, Fall 2018, Looks Style, Autumn Fashion Women
Laura Biagiotti at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2018
Laura Biagiotti at Milan Fall 2018 (Details)
an old black and white drawing of some buildings in the distance with dark clouds above them
Weird and wonderful visions of the future that never came to pass