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The Atheris AKA the Bush Viper my favorite snake

Big Teeth, Big Claws, Not Happy #tiger #teeth #stayback

Now that's a fierce tiger! Gorgeous, majestic, and wildly powerful.

Men's Spiky Fade Haircut

Blonde Hairstyle with Skin Fade With blonde hair a receding hairline is much less evident. Get a spiky top and use gel or mousse to get a cool spiked effect. Opt for a high fade that blurs your hairline, and you will forget about the problem.

where you going???

where you going???

where you going???

where you going???


"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen" - Orhan Pamuk


not sure why but think this lion looks like how I feel with the wind blowing in my hair and sun on my face:) Pure happiness