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two black and white horses laying on the ground
The spotted horse returned in 1812, not as the "Tiger Horses," but with a new bloodline. A mare was purchased of Spanish origin with unusual markings. Her colt was the foundational Sire for the new spotted breed...Seeing spots has never felt so good!
a painting of a white horse with a bridle
Creative Bloq | Art and Design Inspiration
dappled gray horse
a black horse running on the beach next to the ocean with words written below it
November 30, 2007 – New Doc's Blog
egyptian arabian on the egyptian coast
a brown and white horse standing on top of a field
Marathon | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a brown horse standing on top of a dirt field
Baymount Morgan Horses: Morgans For Sale > this beauty is O'Riley, foaled 3-20-08, chestnut gelding.
two brown and white horses standing next to each other on a dry grass covered field
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Beautiful horses.
a brown and white spotted horse standing in front of a metal fence with trees in the background
Appaloosa-Thoroughbred cross colt, Realm. This astonishing boy (who looks almost blue merle) is proudly owned and bred by Caroline Reed.
a gray horse is galloping through the snow with its legs in the air and it's front leg up
Make a decision
beautiful Akhal Teke.
two black horses standing next to each other
My black pearls
My black pearls | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a white and brown horse galloping through the dust in an open field at sunset
For the Love of Horses
a close up of a horse wearing a bridle
the equus
a black horse is running in the snow
Vogue Friesian Stallion
three horses standing next to each other with their heads touching one another's forehead
Why All the Horses?
a white horse standing in the snow next to trees
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