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So grateful to mom! She helped me to walk away from opinions when I was very young. She is such a strong and spiritual person. Through her guidance and wisdom I can proudly and gratefully say I am a lion! :) youre gonna hear me ROAR

Ich wuensch es mir aber...die ,bei denen es wehtut,die gehen immer...cheer up,step up and push it farther and farther

Very powerful, to be melded with your paradigm my luv! Yes I can see this. But emotionally hard to do. I don't do well with endings. In many cases you don't have to end, just allow them to float away baby.

Things we know.. But fail to actualize.. These pins are reminders..

Forget who hurt u but never who love you Forget the past that made you cry but never the present that will make you smile Forget the pain but never the lesson :)