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This is the art plunger! Only the fanciest tools used here. I will say, this toilet plunger has never plunged a toilet. Dipping it into white acrylic paint to add a layer of circles on top of paint, writing, and stenciling. If you've got an eagle eye you might notice some of my StencilGirlProducts.com stencils in there (hello Arches,Feelings Alphabet, a hint of Cutouts Inspired by Matisse plus a touch of Kandinsky's trees). #stencil #stencilgirl #mixedmedia #artplay #arttherapy
a man is standing in front of a glass enclosure on the outside of a house
4 évszakos terasz
4 évszakos terasz - YouTube
Con 14 ladrillos y 6 estacas, puedes hacer un banco para el jardín.