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Hinata and Neji, my heart has been totally and compltely broken---actually brought tears to my eyes. Had to take a moment

Hinata and Neji.Omg giving me some serious Neji feels tonight. Nothing like crying like an idiot over a fictional character. Why did Masashi Kishimoto have to kill him off DX!

<3 Orochimaru, Sareda, Sasuke & Sakura

Naruto well in the end it took a tern but look at sarada after Saskue an sakura take here she's Luke what the HECK mama and papa

So beautiful ............... Nooooo!!! Tenten!! So sad<<< Everything was fine at first, but............................................TENTEEEEEEENNN!!!!!!!!!! TT~TT

AHHHHH THEY LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL even though i don't ship some of them. i wish there was lee, kiba, and shino with tenten so she wouldn't be lonely. And is that itachi throwing flowers from the sky at sakura and susuke?

Boys and Girls pg9 Neji Tenten by Darketacoffee on DeviantArt

For the first time in a long time I wanted an eraser, to fix some stuff, but I realized I had shame on me as a student I should at least hav. Boys and Girls Neji Tenten