"Okay," he breathed, a small smirk pulling at his mouth. "But you have to promise to be quiet this time."

Till the sun and moon clash again. I can stare at the moon and feel no pain. I am living every night for my own.

Greek quotes

It's useless to wait . If it shall come , it will come, or else it's going to pass you by .

να θυμασαι πως αγαπηθηκες πολυ γι'αυτο που εισαι

να θυμασαι πως αγαπηθηκες πολυ γι'αυτο που εισαι

greek quotes

lensblr-network: Sunset palette over the Atlantic by David Zheng WOW, unbelievable. Over 4000 notes =)

greek quotes

What i'm afraid of is, to meat you and my memories escape by saying to you "my Love" .


When you at the end of the kiss, then you kiss the right person" Be aware though not to be night and you can't see his smile because then it would be a best wishes for the right one girls.

Greek Quotes

Love,my darling, never dies, it sleeps so it can secretly fool the passage of time