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a woman is smiling and looking at the camera with an animal in front of her
a dog is looking at the camera with christmas decorations on it's tree branches
two men in suits are talking to each other
All Of Me // Klaine
a man and woman singing into a microphone with the caption billy porter & michael la ale
Billy Porter - “Love’s in Need of Love Today (with Michaela Jae)
an older woman wearing a fur coat and singing into a microphone at a podium in front of a dark background
WATCH: Aretha Franklin sings "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman"
a man playing the piano in front of an audience
Billy Preston - My Sweet Lord (Live)
Billy Preston - My Sweet Lord (Live) - YouTube
a group of people standing around each other in front of a man with a hat
Justin Timberlake - CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! (First Listen)