Easter Brunch Recipes

Classic and inspirational recipes for a late morning or early afternoon Easter brunch. Easter recipes, easy Easter recipes, healthy Easter recipes, Easter…
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a white plate topped with salad next to a wooden table
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a pot filled with vegetables on top of a blue and white checkered table cloth
Easy to Make Frijoles Charros
Want something to spice up your recipe book? Try this frijoles charros recipe, a delicious and flavorful treat for yourself to share to others! #frijolesrecipe #mexicanrecipe #tastyfood
mexican cucumber salad in a glass bowl with wooden spoons
Healthy and Filling Mexican Cucumber Salad
Try this hearty mexican cucumber salad recipe! Delicious for a party or a family dinner, this recipe is easy to whip up and is a perfect healthy addition to add into the mix! #healthyfood #mexicanrecipe #cucumbersalad
a bowl filled with guacamole, lime and chips
Heartily Delicious Vegan Mexican Recipes
These mouth-watering Mexican recipes not only are deliciously perfect for everything your craving, but they also are a healthy alternative to your favorite snacks! #healthy #mexicanrecipes #veganrecipes
mexican entomatadas with tomatoes and avocado
Mexican Entomatadas
Want to dip your fork into making Mexican food? Entomatadas are the perfect place to start! One of the most tasty and savory Mexican recipes, entomatadas are a perfect starter dish. #healthymexicanfood #glutenfree #vegetarian
mexican coconut candy is piled on top of each other in a white bowl with text overlay
Delicious Mexican Coconut Candy
This easy to make, Mexican treat is an easy but delicious dessert to whip up for any occasion! #mexicandessert #easydessert #coconutdessert
green chili quesadilla dip recipe with ingredients
Green Chili Queso Dip
This easy roasted hatch green chili queso dip is one of the best options for an easy way to cook something up and eat with chips! #chipdip #quesodip #easyrecipe
someone is holding up a tortilla chip to grab it out of the casserole
Crave-Worthy Choriqueso: Your New Go-To Dip Recipe
Get ready to fall in love! This choriqueso dip is the ultimate combination of melted cheese, spicy chorizo, and incredible flavor. You won't be able to stop dipping! #mexicanfood #choriqueso #mexicanrecipes #easyrecipes #mexicancooking
bacon and eggs on a plate with the words how to make jalapeno honey bacon with cheddar
Easy Jalapeño Cheddar Bacon Recipe | ¡Hola! Jalapeño
Ready for a flavor fiesta? This easy recipe transforms bacon with jalapeño, honey, brown sugar, and melty cheddar. Perfect for game day, snack time, or adding that wow-factor to salads. #mexicancuisine #mexicancooking #easyrecipes #baconrecipes
a hand holding a spoon with masa on it and the words using masa harna or fresh masa
Masa For Tamales Using Masa Harina Or Fresh Masa | ¡Hola! Jalapeño
How to make masa for tamales using masa harina or fresh masa! Great for all your favorite tamales recipes. #tamales #homemadetamales #tamalelife #🫔 #mexicanfood
The Best Ceviche (Easy Recipe) | ¡Hola! Jalapeño
How to make spicy, tangy and flavorful ceviche. #ceviche #fish #shrimp
Almond Polvorosas (Easy Recipe) | ¡Hola! Jalapeño
How to make crumbly melt-in-you-mouth almond polvorosa cookies. #cookies #almond #venezuelancookies
a bowl filled with green beans next to bagels
Spicy Habanero Salsa - ¡Hola! Jalapeño
Spicy and packed with bits of mango, this cilantro habanero mango salsa is sweet and spicy, and stuffed with extra cilantro.
an advertisement for guavaa cheesecake with marina cookies crust on the phone screen
Guava Cheesecake—¡Hola! Jalapeño
Guava cheesecake recipe full of robust guava flavor, Maria cookie crust, vanilla and topped with guava jelly! An easy holiday recipe everyone loves! #holidayrecipes #Christmas #cheesecake
some food is laying out on top of a sheet of wax paper with the words ham and cheese empanadas next to it
Ham & Cheese Empanadas | ¡Hola! Jalapeño
Learn how to make super flaky and savory empanadas filled with smoky ham, cheese, and apples. These ham and cheese empanadas are easy and irresistible! #empanadas #hamandcheese #baking