ACCT 1302 Unit 1

Managerial Accounting vs Financial Accounting; Job Costing; Process Costing; Activity Based Costing; Cost Behavior
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Matt Sobczak.  The video represents the manufacturing process that is taken to produce handmade pairs of Loakes Shoes. Product costs include DM such as quality leather, DL (multiple generations of apprentices) who complete their individual tasks to perfection, and MOH which includes the depreciation on all of machinery (other Indirect costs), glue used to hold the parts of the shoe together (Indirect Material), and any salaries and wages payable to employees that are in charge of sanitation.

The Video shows all the stages and skills involved in the production of a handmade pair of Loake Shoes.

Michael White.  This article talks about all the costs included in owning a home.  People often only think about fixed costs, like the purchases price, but not variable costs like energy bills, which depend on how efficient the home is.

Thinking of Buying? The Real Cost of Owning a Home

Christian Citta.  This article talks about how Apple is moving their manufacturing to India in an effort to reduce manufacturing overhead. It is interesting that a company as longstanding as Apple is still analyzing their manufacturing overhead to try and increase their profit margin further.

Apple Could Start Manufacturing In India - Reports Of Plant In Bengaluru

Daily Breaking news: Apple out to renew iPhone frenzy at age 10

This article introduced the medical system's lack of adoption of the latest inventory management system, which increased the overhead costs even though the hope was to cut them.

of Hospital Staff Still Face Manual Supply Chain Management

David Smith.

Wounded Warrior Project Spends Lavishly on Itself, Insiders Say

Wounded Warrior Project Spends Lavishly on Itself, Insiders Say - The New York Times. The IAVA is a much better alternative - honest and full of integrity.

Quyen Mai. This is related to Chapter 5-Process Costing in that the tennis balls are created in mass production. Penn, the manufacturing company, can determine the cost of each physical unit at the end of the monthly production process. It's interesting because a tennis player's "most important teammate" would have never been considered as a composition of various equivalent unit costs.

The engineering and manufacturing of Penn Tennis balls.

Will Volkswagen's Possible $18 Billion Emissions Penalty Drive Transparency In Manufacturing?

Volkswagen, after manufacturing "clean diesel" vehicle engines that were not nearly as environmentally friendly as advertised, will likely be heavily penalized.