H logo

This logo concept is quite different from other designs of the same letter. If it was to be shown from the front, you would only be able to see the line in the middle, where as if moved a little to te side, the flat sides show up.

Norman Foster

Norman Foster - Design by Gabriel Benderski -I like how it's a question in the shape of the letter L and the contrasting

36 Days of Type #02 / Rafa Goicoechea - Experiments on Typography Served

My contribution for the second edition of a self-initiated project developed together with Nina Sans, that aims to create a space for creation around typography and its endless graphic possibilities, inviting designers, illustrators and gra…

Proper Vectoring #3

Proper Vectoring #3

Proper Vectoring by Scott Biersack Vectoring Tip: Plot your anchor points on…


otra vez linea delgada al final de Fluid calligraphic handwriting of the word Fallin'

Tony Ziebetzki's Type Scan Alphabet | Trendland: Design Blog & Trend Magazine

Tony Ziebetzki’s Type Scan Alphabet

Capital letter E from the "type scan alphabet" series of paper cut typography by Tony Ziebetzki

The Best of BP&O – Stencil Cut Logotypes: Logotype designed by For Brands for fashion brand Seam

New Logo and Brand Identity for Seam by For Brands - BP&O

Logotype and business card with black block foil and stitch detail designed by For Brands for fashion brand Seam.