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a casserole dish with meat and cheese in it on a striped cloth next to a fork
Breakfast Tater Tot Casserole Recipe
This delicious breakfast tater tot casserole recipe is great for starting the day off right! It's an easy sausage egg casserole that the whole family will devour.Making tater tots into breakfast casseroles is such an easy option.They can stay in the freezer for as long as necessary, they're cheap and easy to find, and kids love them. It feels like a special occasion whenever we bring out this recipe.This recipe will make about eight servings. You can easily double this recipe or cut it…
a hand holding a half eaten hot dog with mustard and ketchup on it
Easy Crème Brûlée Donut Rolls - BAKE WITH ZOHA
Easy Crème Brûlée Donut Rolls - BAKE WITH ZOHA
a white plate topped with pancakes covered in powdered sugar next to berries and syrup
Mini Pancakes (Silver Dollar Pancakes)
Mini Pancakes (Silver Dollar Pancakes) - All You Need is Brunch
a stack of oatmeal cookies with milk being poured on top
Amish Baked Oatmeal
I've been baking all of the oats over here in my little kitchen, but no one is complaining.Both my husband, and my 16mo son enthusiastically approve and could down an entire batch at one sitting if I didn’t sneak in a bite here and there 😁.I came across this needle of a recipe in the haystack of @pinterest by @foodlovinfamily. I made a few changes (as I do 🤪). I added 1/2 C of raisins
a close up of a cinnamon roll on a plate
Canned Cinnamon Rolls with Cream
Canned Cinnamon Rolls with Cream
three wraps filled with vegetables and meat on top of a wooden table next to greens
Easy Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito Recipe
Healthy breakfast burrito recipe. The slight sweetness from the sweet potato combined with the spiced beans, savory eggs, and crunchy tortilla are a combination made in heaven.
there is a piece of cake and a cup of coffee on the table next to it
Chocolate Baked Oatmeal - Happy Honey Kitchen
Chocolate Baked OatmealEnjoy Chocolate Baked Oatmeal as a delicious breakfast, snack, or healthy dessert option. Make this easy breakfast meal prep by combining oats with chocolate chips, creamy yogurt, maple syrup, and cocoa powder.These chocolate baked oats have a slightly sweet, rich chocolate flavor. Packed with whole grains, fiber, and protein for a nutritious breakfast. Best of all, this recipe can conveniently be made ahead of time and reheated to eat all week.If you’re looking…
the pastry is covered with cranberry sauce and powdered sugar, as well as other pastries
Monte Cristo Sliders
Easy Monte Cristo Sliders - Sugar and Soul
granola bars cut into squares and placed on top of each other
Versatile, delicious, and nutritious, these recipes will make you fall in love with oats
a jar filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table next to a cinnamon stick
Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats
These pumpkin spice overnight oats are so simple to make. It's rich and creamy, so they taste like a pumpkin pie pudding. They are perfect for meal prep because they last up to 5 days in the fridge. Mornings are rough, so I like to meal prep. You can make several jars of pumpkin overnight oatmeal on the weekend and eat them all week. These overnight oats are meant to be eaten cold. I think they taste more like a creamy pudding than oatmeal. Use old-fashioned oats to make ove…
a casserole dish with meat, cheese and herbs
Apple Sausage Breakfast Casserole
Sausage Apple Breakfast Casserole is a savory breakfast bake topped with sharp, nutty Dubliner cheese to perfectly balance the sweetness of crisp Fall apples.Sort of like a strata, this breakfast casserole starts with cubed sourdough bread and eggs whipped up with half and half to make them light and creamy. It’s the combination of the cooked apples, savory sausage, and the robust Dubliner cheese, however, that makes this casserole especially delicious. Our family even enjoys having…
two open faced sandwiches on a plate with toppings and seasoning sprinkles
Breakfast English Muffins
These perfect bites are packed with flavor and health benefits. Start your day with healthy fats, fiber, protein, and more! I love eggs and avocado in the morning, but after a while I need to mix it up.As avocado toast has become an absolute phenomenon, I found that restaurants are charging increasinglyhigh amounts for it. This easy recipe is better than many avocado toasts youcould have over-payed for.Try making it at home instead to increase your serving size, increase flavor, and re…
two eggs are on top of tortillas with sauce
Huevos Rancheros
A classic Mexican dish, huevos rancheros, meaning 'ranch style eggs' are a classic Mexican dish. Typically eaten for breakfast, they are the perfect way to set you up for the day. Requiring very little effort, they also make a wonderful Sunday brunch for those lazy Sunday mornings. First a spicy tomato sauce is made by blending tomatoes with chillies, garlic, onion and spices. Then, eggs are fried sunny side up and served on top of lightly toasted tortillas smothered in the sauce. Grea…
a white plate topped with cut up lemons on top of a wooden table next to a blue towel
Egg Bites with Bacon & Gruyère - Once Upon a Chef
Bacon & Gruyère Egg Bites - Once Upon a Chef
an oatmeal cake in a blue dish next to two plates with apples
Baked Apple Oatmeal
Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links.Baked Apple Oatmeal is hearty, healthy, and full of warm apple cinnamon flavor.Find this recipe and more on my blog HERE: We love having ready-to-eat breakfasts in this household. Not only is this baked apple oatmeal a ready-to-eat breakfast, but it is healthy and delicious too.The flavor is reminiscent of apple pie, which pairs perfectly with the oats. The baked oatmeal, as well as my B…