Greece is worldwide famous not only for its islands, stunning beaches and delicious cuisine. It is also renowned for its rich history and culture, which has as a result unique events and festivals that take place every year in various destinations.
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Aegina Fistiki Festival

In a group of enthusiastic people, with the support of the Municipality of Aegina, created the Fistiki Fest, a festive event, which wants to promote the cultivation of this product on Aegina

The best events on the greek islands

On the Greek islands, during summer and autumn are organised many interesting events.

Armata-the representation of greek revolution in Spetses

In Spetses, takes place every September an impressive event called Armata, which is a representation of the battle against the Turkish fleet during the Greek revolution in

Big blue-the biggest diving  event in Amorgos

Amorgos became famous from the movie Big Blue, and this September, from to takes place in Amorgos the biggest diving event.

The amazing climbing festival of Kalimnos

Kalymnos, with its rocky mountains, is a top climbing destination, and this year the climbing festival will take place on October.

incredible must see festivals in Greece

incredible must see festivals in Greece

OXI Day: The Greek Word That Changed the Course of WWII Keeps Shaping Greece

Some of the best defenders of Crete during WWII were priests, children, and elderly men!

Sreet Art Festival in Athens

This is why Athens is a vibrant cultural hotspot that creates extraordinary street art paintings and graffiti.

Athens and Epidaurus Festival

The official website of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

Thins to do in Athens

Thins to do in Athens

What is a...Panigiri?

Panagia Giatrissa ( Virgin Mary The Healer), Loutraki, Greece which carries the miracle working icon of the Virgin Mary that has healed very many faithfuls

Best events in Athens

In Greece, take place amazing festivals and cultural events that will show you the artistic side of this country.