Saronic Gulf Islands
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Sprinkled over the Argosaronic Gulf and steeped in ancient mythology, these islands are small havens in close proximity to Athens.Visitors here will enjoy natural beauty, historical treasures, unique architecture, and glamorous, yet romantic atmosphere.

Island of Salamina

Archaeological sites in Aegina

Archaeological sites in Aegina

Aegina Fistiki Festival

In a group of enthusiastic people, with the support of the Municipality of Aegina, created the Fistiki Fest, a festive event, which wants to promote the cultivation of this product on Aegina

Saronic islands-a breath from Athens

Islands near Athens. These island-gems are waiting to be discovered. The islands close to Athens: Hydra, Poros, Aegina, Tzia/Kea promise to enchant you

My best spots in Aegina

Aegina has many beautiful spots, described by a local.

Religious destinations in Greece

Greece has a strong spiritual and religious character, and many of its places are important religious centres in Europe.


Island of Spetses


Island of Hydra


Island of Angistri


Island of Aegina

Poros Island

Exploring the Greek Isle of Poros, Travel Tips From AESU, Your Travel Experts

With over 200 Greek islands to choose from, travelers will often recommend the most popular islands for you to visit. Here's why you should choose Poros!

The island of artists

The island of artists

The island of Aegina

Aegina Campaign with Katerina Moutsatsos by Dimitris Vlaikos