Monastery of Kipina - Kalarites village,  Epirus

Monastery of Kipina is built on the opening of a cave on the edge of the river's Chrousias gorge on the way to Kalarites village in Epirus region

Athens in winter.This is an extremely rare picture. If it's for real. People in Athens drive to the Northern suburbs and bring snow back down to the city.

Athens, Acropolis by snow. If I lived during a period of my choosing. I think I would choose Ancient Greece, close to Athens

Theogefiro (God’s bridge), Zitsa, Greece

Breathtaking Places Around the World: Theogefiro (God’s bridge), Zitsa, Greece. I belong in Greece.

Entry Bridge, Meteora, Greece

Greek Orthodox Rosanou Monastery, Meteora Mountains, Greece They really don't make monasteries like they used to.

an alley in monemvasia, greece

Monemvasia, Greece (Source: elladaa, via evysinspirations) getting a sense of De ja vu looking at this picture because i did a painting of something similar

Greek city of Kavala - Full Moon

City of Kavala - Full Moon Visit Kavala in Macedonia, Northern Greece

Thessaloniki city Mt Olympus

Thessaloniki - Macedonia Greece with the home of the Olympian Gods in the back ground.

Hilandar Monastery,Mount Athos-Greece

Holy Mountain Athos - Old Serbian Monastery Hilandar (Agion Oros, Greece). It was founded in by the first Serbian Archbishop Saint Sava and his father, Serbian Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja.

Vytina, Greece

Vintage travel - Vintage Air France Illustrated by BettyAndDot Shop front Vytina, Greece