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At the end of "Grease", they're all at the end of year school fair. As Danny and Sandy sing this piece, they're making their way through the rides and events. The use of the changing setting adds another layer of texture to the piece.
I think the location of this dance video is very effective. They're using the Dancing with the Stars stage decorated with lots of trees and Christmas decor so it's enough to set the scene without distracting too much from the dancing. And they're able to use the light features to enhance the performance and entertainment value.
In this clip from "High School Musical", the basketball team is singing and dancing in the gym. The basketball uniforms and location of the gym create the atmosphere. One moment in particular is when the dancers circle around Troy to create the look that he's centerstage.

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This scene shows a flash mob performing ballet in a museum exhibit. Flash mobs are usually associated with hip hop dance, so this is unique in that it is ballet dancers.
Isabella Boyleston has posted many videos over quarantine of ballet outside of the studio. This is one of my favorite examples, "Swan Lake" performed on a lake. Unlike how the film created several stage-like places for Nina, Isabella and James created new, unlikely stages.

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This quote tells you about how dance can go from being an athletic sport to an art form. By turning up the level, it goes from someone who dances to being a dancer.
This photo is another comparison of ballet versus football. It shows how the football player may have flexibiltiy, but the dancer also has technique on top of that. She is taking the kick to the next level by working on her alignment and technique. Similar to how Billy Elliot goes from boxing to ballet by taking some of the ideas he previously learned and refining them.
This photo shows the example of comparing ballet to football. From my experience, this is a very common comparison. Many dancers will comment on how ballet is a harder version of football. This photo in particular shows the strength and flexibility of each.

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This Gap commercial features Lil Buck. He is dancing in Gap's jeans they are trying to promote. It is an old style, so they were attempting to combine the old (jeans) with the new (dancer).
Hip hop is being used in this commercial to stop the robots from destroying the world. The hamsters show up with music blasting and get out of the car to dance and get the attention. In this example, hip hop is bringing everyone together to stop the destruction.

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This is another video I found on Pinterest. It is a Kpop style video.
I found this video on Pinterest. It seems very recent and shows a class at Millennium Dance Complex, which often has hip hop style videos trending on social media.

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Travis Wall's company, Shaping Sound, went on tour with "After the Curtain". This production features many couples and groups dancing together, including this one pictured above. It features two male dancers partnering in this duet, as oppose to the heteronormative male/female couple.
DWTS is a show that feautures many heteronormative couples. Each season, each star is paired with a pro of the opposite gender to compete on the dance floor in various styles to be the best couple.
Another example of a heteronormative couple would be Danny and Sandy in Grease. There are many scenes where they are dancing and singing together.

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