George Iakovidis  Γεώργιος Ιακωβίδης (1852-1932),   «Μικρός με ποτηστήρι» π. 1920,  λάδι σε μουσαμά, 96,4x60,3 εκ.

''The children's concert'' 1900 by Georgios Iakovidis (detail ,the boy with watering can) Location : National Gallery-Athens.

Georgios Iakovidis (1853 – 1932, Greek)

Greek painter Γεώργιος Ιακωβίδης founded and was the first curator of the National Gallery of Greece in Athens. Georgios Jakobides was one of the main representatives of the Greek artistic movement of the Munich School.

Georgios Iakovidis

Georgios Jakobides (Greek ~ previous pinner commented "most likely a German boy as the artist spent much of his career there.

George Iakovidis

The Children's Concert . 1900 - oil on canvas - cm By George Iakovides ( 1853 - 1932 ) - National Gallery of Art , Athens.

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